Taste Nirvana offers a health kick with Real Coconut Water range

Get a refreshing lift this summer with Taste Nirvana’s new Real Coconut Water.

Being all-natural, it is the only beverage on New Zealand shelves that comes close to drinking out of a real coconut. The world is finally catching on to the health benefits of coconut water for hydration and nutritional value. While people in tropical locations were already aware of these values, sports players, as well as celebrities, are now beginning to see the benefits of coconut water.
   Taste Nirvana’s Real Coconut Water not only has health benefits, it also manages to avoid the bitter flavour most coconut waters have. Here at Lucire our office was divided: those with a sweet tooth appreciated the sweet but refreshing flavour. I personally am not sold on the flavour but appreciate the nutritional value due to real coconut water, including five essential electrolytes—meaning it is more hydrating that water. It also is not made from concentrate, so it has none of the nasty additives that majority of sports drinks have. This means it is also diet-friendly, being fat-, cholesterol-, gluten- and sugar-free. It is the perfect addition to the health-conscious individual’s diet.
   Taste Nirvana is a father-and-son-owned business which prides itself on having environmentally and socially conscious standards of manufacture. It has tried to set the bar as the only coconut water in New Zealand sold in recyclable glass bottles. Get on to a new health kick and give Real Coconut Water a try.—Anna Deans

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