Brancott Estate and Jameson Irish Whiskey début new offerings for summer

Perfectly timed for summer, Brancott Estate has launched a new lighter, contemporary wine sub-brand called Flight, available as a sauvignon blanc and a pinot gris.

   Patrick Materman, Brancott Estate’s chief winemaker, says that consumers want a naturally lighter wine which doesn’t skimp on flavour—and Flight has been developed to fill the niche.
   The sauvignon blanc has a ripe flavour profile and complexity, but weighs in at 9 per cent ABV; the pinot gris has a ripe floral, pear and stonefruit character, with the same ABV percentage.
   ‘The thinking up to now has been that ripe flavours could not be achieved at the lower sugar levels associated with early harvesting,’ explained Materman in a release. ‘As the pioneers of the Marlborough wine region, our deep understanding of the flavour profile and terroir has enabled us to craft these new wines that are full of flavour and naturally lighter in alcohol.’
   The wines launch this month in New Zealand.
   Also perfect for summer are Jameson Irish Whiskey’s new ready-to-drink offerings, its Cloudy Apple and Raw Cola, which mixes the brand’s trade-mark triple-distilled Irish whiskey with new tastes.
   Cloudy Apple has a gentle sparkle and balanced acidity, while Raw Cola has real cola flavours through ground kola nuts.
   The company is targeting 25- to 34-year-old males switching out of beer and cider. The RTDs retail for NZ$17·99 for a four-pack of 333 ml bottles at 5 per cent ABV.

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