Curious Wellingtonians snapped as Portlander renovations reach their last stage

Portlander looks set to become one of Wellington’s premier dining locations, a grill house where Kit Foe serves as head chef after cooking by appointment to HM the Queen.
   For all those who have ever wondered what prime Kiwi cuisine is, Portlander addresses that, using free-range meats, and a menu that includes ‘perfectly done, searingly good, prime angus sirloin, marvellously marbled wagyu or pistachio lamb rack with garlic mash on bacon and mushroom ragout. Unique creations involving rich, slow-braised pork ribs move to comfort, while “Hare Wellington” with duck pâté, manuka honey-roasted beetroot and baked field mushrooms evokes our wild side.’ Fish is on the menu, too, caught hours earlier from the waters around Wellington. Lunch, meanwhile, sees a range of gourmet burgers.
   Portlander’s 75 Featherston Street location has been getting some curious onlookers, where a single peep hole has allowed people to peer in. There’s a message inside the peep hole and over 190 Wellingtonians have been snapped with their images uploaded to Facebook.
   Portlander opens to the public on July 16. Its Facebook page is at

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