Bringing your barbecue to the head of the class

Mix it up: as there are as many craft beers as there are people, why not offer a little something for everybody? Fourth & Jane (a taste of New York near the Santa Monica beaches) artfully reflects a diverse crowd with beers and cider from New Orleans, Italy, Belgium, Germany, California and the UK.

The gastro pub phenomenon, which started in London in the late 1990s, has conquered the world, elevating craft beer and comfort food to new levels of social and culinary status. Given a lot of summer barbecue fare can also fall into the pub grub–comfort food category, why not up the stakes with your own DIY craft beer tasting?
   Here’s how Santa Monica’s Fourth & Jane does it, with everything from lighter IPA’s to hearty porters.

With full-sized burgers or “sliders”, try Bootlegger’s Old World Hefeweizen, which will also pair nicely with sausages and balance out a variety of meat dishes.

With mac ’n’ cheese, potato salad or other hearty, creamy side dishes, try Mission Amber Ale, which provides a light, airy counterbalance to the rich textures and flavours of those side dishes.

   Dessert lovers and coffee fans, meanwhile, will enjoy certain porters and dark ales, which often have coffee and chocolate notes.

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