Cannes-do cocktails

If you are planning to catch some of the Cannes coverage at home with friends, have a Riviera-themed dinner party, or are simply in the mood for a refreshing spring cocktail, check out these ideas from the new Hollywood outpost of Bagatelle (which launched the concept of “day club” in New York City a few years back). You’ll also like some of the cocktails offered neighbouring Koi, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary as a go-to spot for celebrities and executives!

   A “shot” of inspiration: if you are entertaining for a large groups, borrow a Bagatelle tradition by batching a mini “thank-you” cocktail to prep their palates while you make last-minute preparations.
   The Thank You Shot includes:

• 1 part Falernum liqueur
• ½ part lemon juice
• 1 part prickly pear purée
• 1½ parts jasmine tea
• mixed orange and grapefruit juices

   Measurements will vary based on how many 1 oz shots you are preparing.


Sangria Rouge of Bagatelle

• cabernet sauvignon
• cachaca
• strawberry puree
• fresh lime juice
• simple syrup
• Moët Prosecco topper

Serve in a sangria glass on ice, and top with Moët or prosecco.

Bajan Groove

• Grey Goose La Poire
• muddled Thai basil
• muddled mint
• cocoanut water
• Fallernum (a spiced liqueur; variations made by Fee Brothers and Bitter Truth)
• fresh cucumber


The Girl from Lima

• jalapeno-infused Macchu Pisco (or another mild pisco)*
• passionfruit purée
• fresh lemon juice
• muddled mint
• mint leaf garnish

* Reposado tequila can be used in lieu of pisco.

The Emily
Named for STK promoter Emily Olson

• ¾ oz St Germaine liqueur
• ¾ oz Domaine de Canton liqueur
• 1 oz Prickly pear puree
• ½ oz each lemon and lime juices
• 2 oz cocoanut water
• 1 oz orange juice

Serve in a sangria glass on ice, and top with Moët or another fine champagne.


The Fuzzy Bee

Create a buzz with Hendrick’s Gin, a teaspoon of lavender-infused honey and a squeeze of lemon, topped with Moët.

Just be Koi: light seasonal cocktails created for Koi’s 10th anniversary menu

VeeV Açaí Cosmo (125 calories)

• 1 oz VeeV açaí vodka
• ¼ Cointreau
• 1½ oz cranberry juice
• ½ oz lime juice


Autumn Mule

Don’t let the name fool you! This light cocktail is great with sushi any time of year.

• 2 oz Grey Goose La Poire vodka
• ½ oz lime juice
• 2 oz ginger beer

Served on ice in a tall glass.

Rock ‘n’ Cucumber

• 1½ oz Rock sake
• 1 oz neutral vodka of choice
• ½ oz lime juice
• muddled cucumbers
• 1 slice for garnish


Ice wine too heavy? Pair your desserts or soft cheese plates with Hana Hou Hou Shu rose sparkling sake!

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