Jameson Irish Whiskey releases limited-edition bottle for St Patrick’s Day 2012

For St Patrick’s Day 2012, Jameson Irish Whiskey sees a limited-edition bottle, designed by Paul Daly.
   Inspired by the Celtic illustrations in the illuminated Gospel work The Book of Kells, the design has a contemporary take. Daly says the commission allowed him to explore his irish roots, calling it ‘an opportunity I couldn’t refuse’.
   Jameson’s has planned St Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world. In New Zealand, the brand will be celebrating at Britomart Country Club, one of the first venues to kick off March 17 as it rolls around.
   More of Jameson’s festivities can be found at its website, including events leading up to the big day. It also has a Facebook fan page, at www.facebook.com/jamesonwhiskey.
   The limited-edition bottle by Paul Daly retails for NZ$62·99.

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  1. can this be found in the U.S.?

  2. We haven’t been told by Jameson, who only told us that it was for the New Zealand market. However, it’s unlikely that they would make one for such a small market, so there is a good chance it will be made available Stateside.—Jack Yan, Publisher

  3. Has this bottle been released yet into the U.S.? If so, where can I buy a couple bottles? Will it be sold at Bev Mo?

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