Goods and gadgets: for warm weather house parties that rock

Elyse Glickman finds pre-Grammy events hit high notes when it comes to the perfect must-haves for home entertaining with a rock and roll touch

Interior designer Seyie Putsure (pictured) was tapped by Distinctive Assets impresario Lash Fary to create a distinctive look for the 2012 Grammy suite that blended the international flair of a big city night club with the whimsy of a favorite, old-fashioned candy store loaded with classic sweets. Seyie received a few stylish assists from some of her favorite home furnishings and accessories vendors: Domaen, Brueton LA, Niche Modern, Plug Inc., LA Art Machine and Cryptik.

While Slimware (US$34·95), created by ace event planner and Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary, seems tailor-made for dinner parties (especially the sturdy-but-chic shatterproof melamine models) as their design makes plating your creations easy, it also keeps the presentation healthy. The graphics on the plate slyly encourage portion control with subtle sections for vegetables, proteins and carbs.

But don’t just take Lash’s word for this new, lifestyle-driven culinary concept! Celebrity fans include Kathy Griffin, Rene Russo, Faith Hill, Kristin Chenoweth and Tori Spelling. They are also prominently featured in the LIFE Fitness Fitness Resort’s gift shop to ensure people maintain the results of their new fitness–diet plans with style.

Essential Safe Products, meanwhile, helped presenters and nominees outfit the rest of their kitchens with a full stock of non-toxic, eco-friendly and reusable cookware and containers to handle both special occasions and day-to-day cooking and baking demands. While the products on display and in the celebrity care packs had a stylish, European sensibility, the food safe cookware, BPA-free bottles, BPA-free containers and chemical free kitchen and on-the-go products have a certain appeal that transcends boundaries and personal tastes.

The latest trend in desserts is blurring the line between sweet and savory, and Swedish chocolatier Emanuel Andrén does it with finesse with a range of artisanal chocolates that not only incorporate top-shelf spirits and liqueurs, but also tobacco, cheeses and other surprising ingredients. Andrén also makes it a point to mention his exquisitely designed and packaged creations also have a decorative function, and also need to be sipped and savored the way a fine wine would.

Though more home entertainers have adopted the concept of a “signature cocktail” for the parties they stage throughout the year, there will always be an occasion where non-alcoholic beverages will be a most responsible choice. Follow Pepsi’s lead, as they partner with Torani syrups for a few creative concoctions that blend Pepsi or Diet Pepsi with a variety of flavors for some tasteful surprises.

For hosts and hostesses who have to stay on their toes, comfortable footware and clothing is a must: ladies can suit up in a dramatic (but easy-care sweater) from Belldini, whose CEO we will soon feature in Lucire, and UK-designed Butterfly Twists (US$29·95), which are not only great for home use but stylish coasting through airports or a longer-than-expected day at the office.

Come barbecue, picnic and pool party season (in the US), guys and gals can set a good example with Rider Sandals (US$32·95), constructed from recyclable materials in Brazil. Better still, when the sandals wear down, they can be recycled (instructions are on the bottom of the shoe!).

Speaking of outdoor picnics, if a little rain must fall, or if you decide to make a night of it, offer a bit of stylish shelter with UK company Fieldcandy’s splashy outdoor tents. Rep Rhona Carr told us the featured Sheep tent was a huge hit in New Zealand and was prominently featured at a major NZ music festival over the holiday season.

Another sunny surprise: regular Distinctive Assets guest Solstice eyewear noted one of the big hits of the 2012 Grammy event was Kate Spade’s 1950s-inspired frames adorned with designs inspired by Australian textile designer Florence Broadhurst (1899-1977); . Nicki Minaj was a fan.

Doing a spa-themed girl’s night in? You will love having on the authenticity of a fitness club (with the Just Dance 3 series of games) as well as Red Carpet Manicure’s fast-drying DIY gel manicure systems for the manis and pedis.

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