Side dish: Emmy gold goes green

Follow Hollywood’s lead, and show good taste without extra waste, as top party planners and hosts do.

  • If you decorate with flower arrangements, invest in those with elements with protected root and seedling systems that can be replanted and reused after your party.
  • Planning a larger get together? Donate your extra food to a local charity. Patina donates theirs to the Midnight Mission.
  • Even if it is a little more work, use tableware that can be recycled and re-used. If you go disposable, read the labels to be sure nothing contains Styrofoam or oil-based plastic, or are biodegradable and whose materials can be recycled.
  • Use cleaning supplies that are bio-degradable and earth-friendly, such as Shaklee (a long-time favourite product line featured at Debbie Durkin’s pre-Emmy and Earth Day events, seen on the pages of Lucire’s scene section).

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