Making sushi in seconds with Aussie invention

Forget centuries of tradition: an Australian invention makes sushi in seconds

Here’s a clever invention from Australia: the Rice Cube, which makes sushi in seconds.
   Forget the troublesome, traditional methods. Any food that can stick together in a cube form will work with the Rice Cube, be it polenta, falafel, potato, cheese or even cookie dough and caramel toffee. And it’s easy enough for kids to use, too.
   Ingredients are put in to the Rice Cube press, and compressed—a video demonstration on how Rice Cube works is on its website.
   Rice Cube is the brainchild of Ross Patten, a contestant who tried to get on to the Australian version of Masterchef. He didn’t make it on to the show, but he’s having greater success marketing Rice Cube.
   It has had one endorsement from the Masterchef series: Anna Gare, one of the judges of Junior Masterchef Australia, who has added her voice to the marketing.
   Rice Cube is made in Australia, and retails there for A$24·95. More information is available at the official website,

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