A Bloody (Mary) good time

The real Demitri stands up, as do his “Mary” cocktails.
by Michael Hepworth

I used to drink Bloody Marys quite a lot in my younger days, especially on long trans-Atlantic flights, and now, thanks to a surprise package in the mail, it might again become the drink of choice. Demitri Pallis is widely considered the ‘Master of the Bloody Mary’, reflecting a 22-year journey in pursuit of the perfect Bloody Mary, and he has come up with a killer product that will knock your socks off. I have already ordered some more to have in stock, especially with the winter months and holidays looming.

When you consider that the Bloody Mary is still one of the top three cocktails of all time and probably the top cocktail served at home, it is no surprise that this product has grown by leaps and bounds. It is also one of the healthiest drinks around, full of antioxidants and vitamin C. The mix is also used in food recipes as well, in particular, Gerry’s Famous Deviled Eggs and Roberts Bloody Good Shrimp. Both recipes call for a small amount of the mix to be included giving the meal a real kick, although of course you should still have the Bloody Mary on the side.

No wonder bartenders across the nation love these sachet mixes. That must save them a lot of time, and at the same time, make them look like a genius to the thirsty punter across the bar. Based out of Seattle, the company uses 14 all natural ingredients that took well over a year to perfect. Just put the contents of the sachet into a tall glass and add tomato juice, vodka of choice and ice and shake well. A celery stick is always a nice touch as well.

Adam Best, the bartender at the Seattle Ram sports bar, reportedly serves 4,000 Bloody Marys a weekend, and this kind of success has allowed Demitri to expand his line to include Demitri’s Classic; Extra Horseradish; Chilies and Peppers and the very latest Chipotle-Habanero.

On top of that he has also created RimShot Rim Salt, a custom blend of Hawaiian sea salts, smoked sea salts and various spices to flavour the rim of the Bloody Mary glass. No wonder that the classic mix won the gold medal from Fiery Foods & BBQ Magazine in 2010.

Cost: $2·05 per sachet and $9·95 for 16 oz bottle

For more information, visit www.thebestbloodymary.com or www.demitris.com.

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